Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yes, we're still here!

And Joseph Anthony Cafasso was very busy in Lafayette Indiana last year. Go read about it.

As I've said repeatedly, this blog and the few others that have cropped up over time to warn people about the man - we aren't the only folks who've been taken for a ride by this idiot.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Cafasso and Haiti

Click here for an exchange involving Cafasso somehow pretending he represents a Christian mission in an exchange with someone from the UN:

From: "Joseph \"Jay\" Cafasso"

I will have details on all facilities in both Haiti and the DR with in the
next 24 hours..... Any logistics questions please contact me directly.....

Thank You and Peace...

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

Joseph "Jay" Cafasso, KM
Salesian Missions Disaster Services
Logistic Cluster Coordinator
12559 N400E
Wheatfield, Indiana 46392 USA
219-828-5789 Home Office
917-623-9136 Cell

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of
moral crisis maintain their neutrality."...Dante

"Hypocrisie est un hommage que la vice rend à la vertu." - "Hypocrisy is
the tribute that vice pays to virtue."de La Rochefoucauld

"We are all down in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the
stars." Oscar Wilde

"If you".... Isaiah 21:12

The people at Salesian Missions were none to happy that Cafasso was pretending to be working for them:

Important Alert

On Sunday, January 17, 2010, it came to the attention of Father Mark Hyde, sdb, executive director of Salesian Missions – headquartered in New Rochelle, NY, that Joseph “Jay” Cafasso has been representing himself as the Logistic Cluster Coordinator for Salesian Missions Disaster Services.

Salesian Missions has no such department or position within the organization and at no time has Joseph “Jay” Cafasso been a staff member, volunteer or spokesperson within the organization.

Salesian Missions was first contacted by Cafasso earlier this week when he represented himself with Knights Crossing Humanitarian Logistics Services offering assistance with the relief efforts in Haiti. The extent to Cafasso’s involvement with this organization remains unknown and an extensive internet search found no information on Knights Crossing Humanitarian Logistics Services.

Fr. Hyde has alerted his staff at Salesian Missions and other partner organizations regarding Cafasso’s misrepresentation and encourages all those who may have had contact with Cafasso while representing himself as an associate with Salesian Missions to contact the Salesian Missions office at 914-633-8344 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 914-633-8344 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or the New Rochelle Police Department 914-654-2300 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 914-654-2300 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Fr. Hyde has notified the New Rochelle Police Department of this matter and will be fully cooperating with any law enforcement involvement.

Please do not associate with this individual whatsoever. He is a professional con artist and may be dangerous. He has been using the following names; Jacob Cafasso, Jay Cafasso, Joe or Joseph Cafasso, J. Anthony Cafasso and Tony Ryals.

If you come in contact with this criminal, call your local Police Department immediately as well as one of the numbers above.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Joe is back in the news!

He just sent out a quite entertaining (if it weren't so despicably horrendous) email about Jack Idema under the email address "".

His other known gmail addresses are: ""

Added to Joe Cafasso Aliases, etc. from 2006, here.

Also: to be added: and

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

is Cafasso perpetrating another scam?

Looks like the newest another fraud name that Joe Cafasso chose is Tony Ryals. He has used these email addresses: and

Is he still living with Andrea Ello in Chesterton as some commenters have told me...or has he moved on?

It is typical for him to perform community service in churches - those are the most giving and he thinks stupid people - that is the perfect environment for him to make up a new sob story and take advantage of priests and ministers; and his favorite marks which are lonely older women so he can make sure, like with Andrea Ello, he gets his hands on a tidy little nest egg.

Remember; his mother used to pay for his train tickets so watch how he gets around and how he arrives in your town.

There are a number of things to be shared on this score, we now have a very interested team looking into this.

There are multiple reasons why indymedia should be deleting his spam

See as one example:

Frank Carlucci,Patrice Lumumba and Agora Inc. Bill Bonner's Racist Attack On Barrack Obama

This article is hidden with message: makes no sense, no apparent relevance here
um...Joe, you're not exactly anonymous...the ridiculous signature writing style on equally as ridiculous subject matter (which is why indymedia is flagging your posts as spam) is tipping everyone off.

Zionistas:Lanny Davis of Nova Star Mortgage Fraud Sees Hondurans As Palestinians

Zionistas:Jane Harman Chicken Hawk Lanny Davis of Nova Star sees Hondurans As Palestinians author: Tony Ryals e-mail: And all I can say for Barack Obama is shame for not defending the eloquent and honest Reverend Jeremiah ...

From TONY RYALS, UK Indymedia Newswire, 23 Jul 2009
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Zionistas:Jane Harman Chicken Hawk Lanny Davis of Nova Star sees Hondurans As Palestinians

Lanny Davis,Nova Star Financial(NFI),Jane Harman,Honduras,Citibank Overseas Investment Corp,Banco Ficohsa,ICTS International,Barack Obama Financial fraud against Americans sees Honduras Poor as Palestinians ''I read Senator Obama's recent speech on ...

From TONY RYALS, Portland Indymedia, 22 Jul 2009
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Barack Obama,U.S.China Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr,Bud Burrell Death Threats,Stock Fraud

barack obama,China Ambassador Utah Governor Jon Huntsman,Bud Burrell,,U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder ,SEC Inspector General H.David Kotz,Patrick Byrne, If the FBI or Secret Service or the corrupt U.S.Securities ...

From TONY RYALS, Portland Indymedia, 6 Jul 2009
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Barack Obama's Ambassador To China Utah GovJon Huntsman,Fraud,Chemicals Mass Destruction

Campaign Finance Fraud,Chemicals Of Mass Destruction,Melamine,Methyl Isocyanate,,, Byrne,Huntsman Chemicals China,Stock Fraud,Money Laundering,Melamine,Bhopal ............................................. Barack Obama Ambassador To China ...

From TONY RYALS, Portland Indymedia, 5 Jun 2009
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Pataxte,(Theobroma Bicolor): Real White Chocolate Of The Guatemala Maya ?

Like a living archeological artifact as well as a little used plant of great social and economic value…..A while ago I came across a person from the Philippines enquiring on the internet about Theobroma bicolor,called pataxte in Mexico and Guatemala,( ...

From TONY RYALS, UK Indymedia Newswire, 29 Apr 2009
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U.S. South Carolina Gov.Mark Sanford Lauds Lord William Rees-Mogg Co-Author

U.S.Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Lauds Bill Clinton's Washington,D.C.Stock Fraud Money Launderer James Dale Davidson ! And Mysterious Deaths and Disappearances:ex CIA Chief William Colby,ex National Taxpayers Union President John ...

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Lord William Rees-Mogg, Agora Inc And.Bill Bonner's Racist Attack On Obama

Frank Carlucci,Patrice Lumumba and Agora Inc.Stock Fraudster Bill Bonner's Racist Attack On Barrack Obama Frank Carlucci:Agora Inc's Bill Bonner of thedailyreckoning,Stock Fraud Fame Lobs Racist Attack At Barrack Obama 'And yes, it is possible ...

From TONY RYALS, UK Indymedia Newswire, 7 Nov 2008
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Northern Rock,Fannie Mae 'Naked Short Selling Lie

I Then Rupert Murdoch paid hack as I call himTerry McCrann was introducing the term into Australia and complaiming about it to the U.S. SEC when in fact Australians,correct me if I'm wrong,never used the U.S. penny stock in their 'coloquiallisms' ...

From TONY RYALS, UK Indymedia Newswire, 5 Oct 2008
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This appears to have taken place in the 2008/2009 time period.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where did he go?

He's not at the Porter County Jail.

Do a google search, you won't find a shred of evidence that he was even arrested; google appears to have been wiped clean in the 'news' section.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the AMAZING Joe Cafasso

The Amazing Joe Cafasso: FBI Agent; CIA Operative; Delta Force Colonel; White House Staff; Secret Service Agent; Nuclear Weapons Inspector; Navy SEAL; Special Forces Lt Colonel; Navy Lt Commander; and NOW--FINALLY-- STORM CHASER for the US Government and NTSB Advisor….!!!

Joe Cafasso: “At Fox News the Colonel Who Wasn’t” - the story continues…

Joe Cafasso REALLY IS the Carteret Con Artist. His latest adventures include the arrest in Indiana on January 22, 2009 which was preceded by a typical Cafasso-esque scene: his forcing himself into a search and rescue operation at the Indiana Dunes; bragging that helicopters would appear which never did, and elbowing his way into the rescue tent and barking orders at everyone. Out of all the rescue personnel at the scene, it was Cafasso, AKA Robert Stormer, who was quoted by the press~! It was his strange behavior and injecting himself into the life of a widow that drew the attention of local authorities. A man who appears from nowhere with no past or friends and relatives should not be trusted. After his traffic stop where he had no valid identification, he was eventually arrested for ‘failure to appear’ in court. It was only then that he admitted that he was Joe Cafasso, but claimed he was going by an alias because spooks were after him.The charges, which interestingly enough, are not mentioned when you call the jail-are “providing false information” to law enforcement (he at first tried to tell him he was Robert Stormer before eventually admitting he is actually Joe Cafasso), “driving on a suspended license”, “speeding”, and using the name and social security number of a 13-year-old girl in Rhode Island whose name is Robin Storm (identity theft).

We always thought that Cafasso was just a blowhard con-man who used (among other things) fake military credentials to gain fame and fortune, mostly to stroke his ego and make a few easy bucks off the unsuspecting "mark". The true purpose of Cafasso’s lifelong con game only recently came to to light: Cafasso has been running a lonely heart's scam all this time. The list of the women left in his wake has grown considerably. And sadly, the most recent was a woman in Indiana: used, abused, and skipped out on.

A Mensa Girl- First, there was the "mark" in Washington DC, who Cafasso spun his CIA tales to. He got a job with FOX News as a Delta Force Colonel and served as their Military Analyst for the 2001-2002 Afghan war. He was exposed by Jack Idema and a bevy of real Special Forces officers in early 2002, and was then fired from FOX (NY Times- The Colonel Who Wasn’t). The woman brilliant: well educated, and well off, with her own townhouse in DC, but lonely. After six months with Cafasso she was broke, left alone standing at the altar, and in fear for her life. Cafasso told her that he was deep undercover with the CIA and if she ever complained about him she would die. She so believed this that she moved to a remote area of West Virginia, used a PO Box in another town, and went into hiding. It took 6 months for Special Forces soldiers to find her so Jack Idema could interview her. When they first showed up at her house, the woman said “please don’t kill me.” The response from Jack was, “What? What are you talking about? Are you crazy?” And then it all came out. Cafasso had led her to believe that there was already a CIA hit team looking for her. The interview was frightening; Cafasso had turned the woman’s life into a living hell, driving her from family and friends into a life of solitude and fear.

A Boston Girl- Then, there was a lady in Boston. Divorced, lonely, with a beautiful condo. Cafasso spun his web around her next. Five months later, after being outed in a bar by a Massachusetts police officer, Cafasso attacked Robin Moore, beating the old man for telling him he would not be part of Moore’s new Special Forces book. Moore was left with extensive bruises from the beating. Cafasso high-tailed it out of there. He left behind his new love and took her money. But, as fate would have it, in his haste to leave town, Cafasso also left behind two cartons of papers. Those papers later ended up in Jack Idema’s hands and painted a picture of extensive fraud by Cafasso, who was working with Ed Artis at Knightsbridge to fraudulently obtain USAID grants of millions of dollars posing as phony Knights and Colonels with phony PhDs.

A Columbia Girl- Mariah Blake. Then

A New York Girl- Stacy Sullivan. Then

A CNN Girl- Christine Dolan. Then

A Skinny Little Tramp Girl- Kathryn Kramer

A Classic Lonely Hearts Girl – Andrea Ello

And who else...??? The tale continues...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stormer aka Cafasso; his subterfuge capsizes!

Storm, Stormer, Cafasso—A Subterfuge Capsizes - from the North Country Gazette.

Nice article, but I'm not quoting from it after having received a good scolding via email for having done so previously....despite my request INSIDE THE POST because I couldn't find contact information at the NCG!